Dexiang overview

Zhejiang Dexiang special fabric &clothing Co., Ltd. was founded in October 2009, is a private owned enterprise, located in the famous historical and cultural city, the national hundred counties, and a "Chinese ecological city" by the city of Haining, 20 kilometers west of Hangzhou City, East 160 kilometers away from Shanghai, adjacent to Shanghai Hangzhou high-speed rail HanNing West Railway Station, Yuhang high speed rail station, 320 State Road, Shanghai Hangzhou Expressway, Hangzhou East Ring Road, Hangpu Expressway and highway 01 runs through the territory, the geographical position is superior, the traffic is very convenient.

The company mainly engaged in the production and operation of special protective clothing, with the national industrial production of special protective clothing licensing qualification, through the State Administration of Work Safety Supervision issued the "special labor protection supplies certificate". At the same time, through the ISO9001-2008 quality management system certification and ISO14000-2008 environmental management system certification. The company more than ten years of professional R & D special textile fabrics, and large enterprises and China National Petroleum Company, China petroleum, Sinopec and other countries long-term cooperation, supply special anti-static, anti oil and water repellent, multifunctional flame retardant, anti acid, anti static absorbent and quick drying, anti ultraviolet, anti-bacterial and other functions for the special fabric.

Company specializing in the development of special protective fabrics and the design of special protective clothing, special protective clothing annual production capacity of 350 thousand sets. The company has an independent inspection department, testing a variety of special protective clothing, physical and chemical indicators. Company production of "De Ruixiang" brand special protective clothing, wearing comfortable function is outstanding, petroleum and chemical industry, metallurgy, forestry, electric power, machinery repair, coal mine and other flammable and explosive industries and was accepted by employees as its own brand of special protection.

Our aim is to make the world's workers safe and comfortable!